Monday, August 27, 2012

Rainbow Cat's Tongue

I was looking around google for new inspirations for my Eid 2012 bakes. Visited blogs by blogs , looking for something special cookies, where I CANNOT find them in Geylang bazaar or uncommon in our relatives home. When it comes to visiting, we kinda get tired when we keep eating the same type of goodies.

And then I came across a colorful picture of cookies in a website based in Indonesia. I saw the name of the cookies in Bahasa Indonesia, but I could not find any recipe of that particular cookies - for days. I didn't give up yet.

Then one Ramadhan night, i was blog-hopping my favorite blogs, reading at their posts and looking at the delicious Iftar pictures they took, I DISCOVERED! Lucky for me and everyone else, our most favorite blogger, Kak Rima from Bisousatoi posted this much looked for recipe by me.

Then I found out that these cookies exact name was Rainbow Cat's Tongue. The name is cat's tongue is because of the shape after it's been baked. Cat's Tongue or in malay "Lidah Kucing" is very popular during the Eid, Chinese New Year and Christmas back in Indonesia. It is pretty much a crunchy sweet cookie made from butter and egg whites. They have came up with the variations to make it in Rainbow. It's the "IN" thing now.. right....

So I just couldn't resist myself that I tried to bake these on Ramadhan Day 7. It is so buttery, crunchy , light and ultimately delicious.

Rainbow Cat's Tongue

250g margarine - i used Buttercup250g butter - i used Salted Anchor
350g caster sugar
500g all purpose flour
150ml egg white
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp lemon oil/extract
zest of one lemon

6 different food colourings - i used Electric Americolors

- Beat butter, margarine and sugar till creamy with a mixer.

- Add in egg white, lemon oil and also lemon zest and continue to mix

- Add in sifted flour/baking powder and continue to mix well

- Divide batter into 6 parts ( you can weigh them to be more exact - I divide everything into 6 bowls )

- Colour each part according to ur preference. ( The vibrant the better ) Place each part in piping bags or those white food bags and cut the tips about 1/4 inches.

- Pipe each colour onto cat's tongue mould - I do not have a Cat's Tongue mould, but I just pipe it in line. See picture.

- Bake it in a preheated oven of 150C for abt 20 mins - i used 140C and baked it for 15mins.. pls keep a look out on ur cookies as it will get brown easily

- Once baked, let it sit for 5 mins before placing it on a wire rack. Cool and keep it in an air tight container. It can last for upto 3 - 4 weeks or till finish earlier!

These cookies are really light and airy m crunchy and the citrus flavor is simply yummy!

Happy trying!

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Nur Diana said...

Is it compulsory to put the lemon oil/extract?