Monday, November 11, 2013

Steam Rice Cake ( Apam Nasi/Beras )

This is another traditional Asian dessert entry. I would believe that in the old days, moms in the kitchen will look for ways and means to save up their left overs. And most probably, that was why they came up with this recipe using leftover rice. 

This dessert is light and moist and a little sticky. Best eaten with freshly grated coconut and a little red sugar. Just dunk them in and the coconut or sugar will stick. I've attached a photo of the red sugar in case you do not know how it is.

This can easily be found in our local supermarket but if you are international, I'm not so sure about it.

I had started loving to eat them since I was a little kid. A good substitute if your child have a hard time eating rice. And they will definitely love these just because it's a little sweet. No baking, no oil and just steaming.

And so I've been looking through so many FB pictures that my fellow cooking frinds are making these for their tea time and I thought, how hard could it be. :)

Indeed , it was so easy. I took a recipe for a fellow blogger which have taken the time to halved the original recipe. I did not do so many but these 1 batch was enough for a family of 6. 

I had these cute little plastic cups and use them as the mold. In cases you do not have this cups, you can use a cake pan (6 inch)  or make sure it's big enough for your steamer or a aluminium disposable molds. Be sure to grease it first, otherwise it would stick.

Steam Rice Cake (Apam Nasi/Beras)
Adapted from TiffinBiru (Recipe in Malay Language)
Makes about 30 small cups

1 cup Rice, cooked and cooled (I used Jasmine rice cause that is what I eat daily)
3/4 cup Caster sugar 
1 1/4 cup Water
1 cup Rice flour*
1 cup Plain flour*(*sifted together)
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast (I just used any dry active yeast)
Your own choice of coloring (I used green, orange, blue, pink and violet)
Grated coconut + a pinch of salt = Mix

Directions :
  1. Mix together the sifted flour and yeast in a separate bowl
  2. Using an electric blender, pour in the cooled rice, sugar and water. Blend till fine and you don't see bits of rice anymore. Pour in the flour mixture bit by bit till all are well blended. 
  3. Pour the mixture in a separate bowls and color them individually. Let it rest for 2-3 hours. The mixture will bubble up as the yeast rises. ( I do the coloring 1st as I do not want to disturb the risen bubbles later )
  4. Prepare to boil your steamer. Wrap the steamer cover with a tea towel for a more secure steaming. Grease all your plastic molds with a little bit of oil. I used vegetable oil as it does not have any flavor or smell. 
  5. Once the 3 hours is up, you can start spooning the mixture to the greased cup molds. Do all till finish. Before you start this process, you might want to steam your grated coconut for about 5-10mins so that it would last longer at room temperature.
  6. Steam the cakes with the highest heat for about 15 mins. Once cooked pull out the cakes from the mold. Served with coconut and red sugar (if you have) .

Kids love them on it's own.

Great for hi-tea too! Delicious and colorful.

Another easy peasy recipe. Trust me, it's worth the try.

Steamin' a lil magic,

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