Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I am a Baker + Mom + Wife + Employee + Blogger

When I first started this blog in November 2010, my intention was to share recipes and photos of what I have created. Recipes from which I have taken off the the internet, baking blogs and tv websites. After 4 years of having this blog, I posted a good 42 entries which also means that it took me on average 10 post a year. Oh my, and I thought that I have been busy but that's really slow.

I did not stop baking after having another baby, No! But the little man does keeps me very busy. Here's a share of my cute chubby little family.

I have been baking for almost every 2 weeks for 2014 but I just do not have the time to pen (type in this case) all my recipes down. Apart from that , I have been also so busy attending baking classes on my own to increase my knowledge. 

Classes and Workshops that I have attended so far:

  1. Cupcakes ( Baking and decorating with buttercream & fondant )
  2. Swiss Rolls Class ( Commercial Class )
  3. Apam Polkadots and Apam Mekar class
  4. Wilton Course 1 :  Decorating Basics
  5. Pound Cakes Class
  6. French Bread Creation: Baguette/ Dinner Rolls/ Soup Bowls / Batard
  7. Hi-tea Workshops
  8. Strawberry Shortcake Class
  9. Entrepreneurship Seminars
  10. Bake Cakes like a Pro Course
With all the above, which does not include my routine extra-curricular activities like my religious classes, yoga and aqua aerobics,  I also do take orders from time to time. This is really really seasonal and always according to my schedule. I apologize that sometimes I do have to reject some requests if I feel that it's going to be too rushing for me. It's not all the time though and I am sorry. As I promise perfect and delicious products by Charm Bakes, I shall not let time be a challenge.

But , just please do remember that I have 2 young kids now age 3 and 1 , a man-child to care, a helper to manage whom have been a great help in cleaning all my work done and taking turns to take care of my kids while I'm busy trying a new recipes and with all this I am a Business Analyst in a company for 5 years already. Hopefully now you see my time juggling in which I am starting to be an expert on.

I again thank all my readers for even glancing at my unexciting post but I will try my best to upgrade myself all the time. 

Hopefully I could write slowly all those pending recipes throughout the rest of 2014, (on god's will) . I could only do a small collage of it. :-(

To wrap things up, this is actually my 1st post for 2014 and I could not believe my self that I am still going strong and up for new challenges.

I thank you all for your support and do requests for recipes and I will try to prioritize them.

This is my passion and this is who I will be.

Lots of Magic,


Pauline l p Chan said...
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Pauline l p Chan said...

Hang on Nuraini... u r not alone... I keep u company !

Nura Noor said...

Thank you Pauline for the motivation! We will help each other la ok..