Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Charm "Hi"

Welcome to Charm Bakes, my web journal all about my baking and cooking experiences.

How i was charmed..
Baking has always been my greatest joy. I have such fond memories when I was little waiting for the festive season to come so that my aunt allows me to mix the flour and get the first bite of her bakings. Its never fails to give me a sense of contentment. Even today, the wonderful, warm aromas of cakes and cookies always never fail to make my day.

My journey to the oven and back..
Having this passion for baking since young has not made me realise of such potential. I ignored this hobby for years and partied like any other young hearts. Even that it has never stop me from baking during the joyful seasons.

2 years ago, after my wedding, I took baking to the next level, trying out new recipes and techniques. Having a supportive husband who loves desserts has encourage me so much more.
Baking makes me stop and really enjoy my time in the kitchen even after my 9-5 job. Of course, there is a lot more to baking than just cakes and cookies, it's a versatile and very homely method of cooking. It's warm, comforting and nurturing, and fills the house with such welcoming smells.
Here I am after 2 year realising that I want to share this baking journey and learn along the way.

Culinary Skills..
I have ZERO culinary education except that I attended a one day 1-1 cupcake class, a one-day swiss roll class and others.So far I learn from any fellow bloggers i have stumble upon and recipes tried from all over the world - All thanks to the world wide web. Having limited finance, baking school was out of the question. I work my way through for a year, had a baby and still love baking!

Where are my recipes from..
Most of the recipes I'll be posting here were my first attempts. All these recipes have been analyse and  filtered out by me according to ingredients availability in my country. Many of them turn out quite well. I attribute this to following recipes that are easy and simple, using very basic ingredients, nothing too complicated that would confuse a novice baker. I also follow recipes as closely as possible, sticking to the ingredients called for and use the recommended pan size. Everytime I try something new, I will make sure my mind is very clear with the instructions given. Failure is however inevitable but I will try my best to warn you of any thumbs up or down.

But for the professional bakers out there, please do give me a guide.
Most of the recipes are from books I purchase online or in the book store. I'm also a magazine fan, so I have a lot of different issues of recipes.

I'm a very random person and ever since I broke my Canon, my pictures will be snapped either by my Olympus Digital camera or my Iphone. I don't know much about photography and so my photos are all point-and-shoot shots. Whenever I need to take photos of my food I simply set my camera to the Auto-mode, turn on the Macro function, turn off the flash lights and click away. I depend very much on natural lighting, so please bear with me if some of the photo images appear dull and grainy when the lighting conditions was not favourable.

Note to self and all:
There is no mystery to baking; baking is a simple science which is precisely why it is so satisfying. Your friends may think you are a genius if you present them with a beautiful cake, but it's really just the right ingredients in the right quatities ~ Rachel Allen

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