Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hazelnut Balls

I have been super backdated. I just didnt realize that time had flew so fast. I had so many unwritten post ever since I got pregnant. And well , I gave birth to the most cutest girl I could have imagine (at least for me!)

All the missed unwritten posts were worth it!

That's her! Hadya is her name.

Ok back to the post, I'm going to give the easiest recipe for this Hazelnut Ball. The cheaper version of this recipe is Almond London on which I prefer hazelnut to almond as it taste so much better. 

Hazelnut Balls
( Hazelnut covered with cookie dough and covered with chocolate coverture )

250 grams - Salted butter ( softened )
100 grams - ground hazelnut
250 grams - Hong Kong flour
70 grams - icing sugar
50 grams - Rice flour
1 teaspoon - Vanilla essence
Roasted hazelnuts for the fillings.
Tulip brand bar of chocolate ( to be double boil )
Chocolate rice or colourful sprinkles of your choice for decoration

Beat butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence and grounded hazelnut evenly till creamy.

Fold in the Hong Kong flour and rice flour till well mix.

Roll dough in balls & stuffed in the roasted hazelnut in each ball.

Bake in mediun heat ( about 150 degrees ) for 20 minutes or till slight brown.

Place all cookies aside and cool.

Later, dip in these cookies on at a time in the melted chocolate and place them in the mini paper cups.

Sprinkle chocolate rice and let the cookies set for about 15 mins.

Store these cookies in airtight container and you can keep these for up to 2 weeks!

Kids love these!!


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